polident vs efferdent

I’ve been told by my friend, and author, Eric Carle to call these two words “polident” and “efferdent,” respectively. A polident is an active, intelligent self. An efferdent is one who is stuck in his or her own mind, brain, and personality.

There’s a whole lot of people who consider polident and efferdent to be two different things, but I think each person, and it’s so common across all countries around the world, has a different perception of what a polident really is.

This video shows you what the name polident looks like.

I think it is because the word polident is a combination of the words polis and ident. Whereas the word efferdent is derived from the word edery, which means “to be identified,” and ede means “to be distinguished.” So the whole idea of polident is this thing that has to be identified in order to be defined, and the idea of efferdent is what causes this identification.

The thing is that polident is one of those words that is used a lot in the English language, but it can also be used in a lot of ways. The fact that polident can mean a lot of different things makes it a bit confusing and difficult to describe. The other thing is that the word has a lot of different meanings and there are even different words you can use to define it.

First, the word is often used in the context of politics. In the context of politics, polident means the people who hold power in a specific country. In the case of the US, the people in power are called the President, the Speaker of the House, the Senate Majority Leader, the Speaker of the Senate, the FBI Director, the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of State, and so on. In politics, polident also means a person or people who are powerful or influential.

In the context of the internet, polident means a person or group who post on the internet. This is sometimes used in the context of an online community or as a synonym for “website.

In the context of the internet, polident is used as a synonym for “polish” and “policeman.

The House of Representatives and Senate are a two-party system. In the United States, there are 435 members of the House of Representatives, and 221 members of the Senate. The president is elected by the electoral college. In the Senate, the two top-ranking senators are the Majority Leader and the Minority Leader. A senator, in the context of the internet, is someone who posts comments online.

The House of Representatives was originally the Upper House, or the House of Representatives. It was the first chamber of the legislature. The House was replaced by the Senate in the year 1789. In other words, the House was one branch of the legislature, and the Senate was another. The House of Representatives is still the body that holds the legislative power in the United States. The Senate is an upper house, and the House of Representatives is the lower house.

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