indian home remedies for stomach infection

This is one of the most important home remedies for stomach problems. This remedy will stop the infection and even help to reduce it. If you have stomach problems, your doctor may suggest this as one of the most important home remedies for stomach problems.

The remedy is for the most part, just a few drops of fresh cow urine. This may not be the most romantic of remedies, but it will help to reduce the infection and thus make things easier on your stomach.

Cow urine has been used for centuries by the indigenous people as a disinfectant, and the fact that it is a simple remedy for stomach problems makes it one of the most appealing. It is also an excellent remedy for any infection, and I have to stress that it is a simple remedy. This is something that I’ve had problems with for the past few years.

Its effectiveness depends on the quantity of the animal urine used, and because its ingredients are pretty easy to get, it can be a pretty cheap remedy. The trick is to keep your stomach warm in the winter, which is when cow urine is good for it, so if you have a cold, you can use it.

The best thing you could do is try to have your stomach warm in the winter. In the case of a broken stomach, that means putting it in a cold box, but I don’t think I’ve ever had this problem. I’m sorry, but this can be a very uncomfortable situation.

If you have a stomach infection, add it to a cold box and get it in the house. If it’s a stomach infection, try to get in the cold box in the house, but I dont think Ive ever had this problem.

I think you can go to the doctor if you have a stomach infection. But be careful. The kind of stomach infection that a doctor is looking for is not what I’ve been dealing with. I have been dealing with stomach flu. Since I’ve been on this diet, I’ve been experiencing the flu now and again. Most of the time I dont feel sick, but it does make you feel a little wobbly around the stomach.

I would recommend a trip to the doctor for stomach flu, but if you have symptoms like nausea and vomiting, you should get a second opinion. A doctor would usually be able to diagnose stomach flu without a blood test, but if you go to the doctor and get the wrong result, you might end up with a prescription that’s more expensive than the alternative.

We are currently in the process of developing our own health-giving remedies for stomach flu. This is largely a problem that young adults, people with autoimmune diseases, and those with diabetes are subject to. We are in the midst of creating a database of herbs that will help people fight off colds, diarrhea, and other stomach infections.

The idea is that the body’s immune system is like a giant battlefield where the toxins, bacteria, and other foreign bodies from the outside world fight each other. It may seem like a really bad thing to you, but it’s actually an amazing thing. The immune system is a really effective way of keeping us from getting sick. Imagine if the immune system were like a giant battle-log of your own little battlefield.

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