herbs for balance

I find the herbs in my recipe to be just as important to my own health as the flavor and color. You can certainly use herbs to balance your meals, but you can’t just use herbs to balance your routine. Just like a salad might be made with butter and basil, you can add a couple of herbs when needed.

Many health and stress hacks are made from just one or two herbs. For example, using turmeric regularly can balance blood sugar levels and calm nerves. It’s easy to just run to the store and pick up a packet of turmeric and boom, a whole day off. However, using it as a daily supplement is quite different. Take a few grams of turmeric and mix it into a smoothie or a morning smoothie.

Good luck with how to set up your herbal recipe. Although it does require a bit of patience, and some home-brewing advice on how to set up your recipes, you can always work your way up the recipe line, especially if you’re cooking on a lower-end computer than a lot of people use.

As any good herbalist will tell you, a single dose of turmeric is not going to be enough to balance your body’s energy levels over a single day. I’d recommend taking a few grams of turmeric per day, either by itself or mixed into your morning smoothie or smoothie drink.

The fact that turmeric is a fantastic source of antioxidants has been known to cause us to overdo it, so it should be your first goal. As you can imagine, this is going to take some practice. You can keep this herb on hand near your kitchen counter (we have it on hand for our smoothie recipes) so you can grab it for a quick dose when you need it. If you’re buying it, you can pick it up from most health food stores.

One of my favorite ways to use turmeric is to balance out my mood. It’s especially useful when I’m stressed out or on the verge of a major meltdown. I have a lot of anxiety, and turmeric is a great remedy for it. I use half a teaspoon of turmeric powder with half a cup of water mixed with a pinch of salt. This is a great way to calm my nerves and fight off anxiety.

I like to add turmeric to my morning smoothies for a boost of energy. It soothes my stomach and helps with digestion.

Turmeric is a super-powerful plant. In fact, most of the turmeric you find in the grocery store is only a few milligrams of turmeric. A single one of these tiny seeds is enough to make your mouth water and your brain work overtime.

So if you need to get your brain out of a funk, there’s lots of good stuff you can add to your food. And if you ever find yourself having a panic attack, don’t forget turmeric! It’s a powerful anti-anxiety herb.

It might sound counter-intuitive that you can put turmeric in your food, but you might not know it until you actually try it. The easiest way is to add it to a smoothie or smoothie recipe. It’s also a great herbal tea, used in place of coffee, without the caffeine. A more traditional and potent way to get your brain going is to inhale turmeric.

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