heavy head feeling

I’ve been having some heavy head feelings. I’m not sure what to say except that the two of us are both experiencing it at the same time. I guess I have a few more things to think about, but I’m hoping this will pass.

Well, that’s kind of a weird thing to say, but I guess when it comes to my head you are probably right. It’s just that my head seems to be in such a bad place lately that I have trouble believing it all. I have one friend whose head is full of brain matter, but his neck isn’t, so he’s able to continue doing things, but his head is just a little bit off center.

I know it sounds weird, but it’s pretty common to see this sort of thing. The brain is made of jelly that floats around, not quite touching the skull, and it starts to swell (in the case of the brain, swelling is the result of the fluid inside the brain). The brain then begins to look like a full-body suit of armor. The swelling can be seen in the pictures we’ve been showing you, and it’s the most obvious thing to see.

There is a theory that may explain this condition in which a person with a brain injury can still be alive and capable of doing what they were doing before the injury, but the brain’s ability to fill out and control itself is severely hindered. Brain injuries, like any other physical injury, can cause a person to have a loss of brain function for a significant portion of their life.

It’s possible that what we’re seeing in the pictures is actually a brain tumor. In this case, the brain that might have been able to control itself would still be there, but it wouldn’t move the way it had before. The brain can then try to compensate by compensating for the loss of the function. The swelling is caused by this type of brain tumor and can lead to severe damage of the brain. The swelling can also change the way you see things.

The swelling is caused by the type of brain tumor that can cause severe brain damage at the same time that you have a stroke. The stroke can lead to the swelling, while the brain tumor can cause the swelling to change how you see things. The swelling in the brain is often visible as a thickening of the skull. The brain does not have to move to compensate for the swelling in the skull.

It could be that if you have a stroke the swelling will look much different than it does with a brain tumor and that can lead people to misjudge how severe the brain tumor is. For those who have a brain tumor, a doctor may recommend that you have surgery to remove the tumor.

My brain tumor is a major headache. You can feel that and it can be very light. I’m not sure if it’s caused by the swelling, or if it’s just the memory of how much I’ve eaten, but I’m not sure it’s caused by a disease. Because the swelling is so thick you don’t want to be conscious, or even if you’re conscious, any loss of vision. So the swelling is very noticeable.

If the tumour is not too large, a simple scan of the brain will show no abnormalities. If its too large, a CT scan will show some swelling in the brain. Because of the swelling, it may be too hard to identify the exact nature of the tumour. If the tumour is not too large, then a MRI scan will look for any changes in the brain.

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